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Building a Home

Down by the lake this afternoon, I discovered yet another pair of wrens who seem to be building a nest in my bonfire pile, which is still too wet to light (and obviously now will not be).  At least, she was busy collecting tiny bits of interesting stuff, while he mostly posed around the place in the setting sun, singing his heart out.  As usual, a woman’s work is never done………

Talking of building homes, that is what I shall be doing in the next year or so.  Much as I love this gorgeous place, three acres of garden, carting wood for fires in winter,  the steps into the house, and a few other things have made me decide it is all too much for this old bird, so it is to be sold at a date yet to be determined.  I had a birthday a week or so ago, and on the day committed to the purchase of a smaller block of land in this town, and will build a custom designed sustainable home on it.  I imagine the process will provide lots of fodder for this blog!


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