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My daughter spotted her first of all, on the website of Save-a Dog in Melbourne in October 2006, and suggested I might like to consider her for the position of Big Dog, which had been vacant for some time, and had been much in my mind when I moved to this large country property. Then my son saw her in person, and encouraged me to go and meet her myself. A couple of days later I drove to Melbourne and met her……..then, not wanting to do anything impulsive, that I might regret, I drove the two hours home again. A decision was made by the time I got back, and immediately rang the shelter to say I would collect her the next day. Thus the beautiful and beloved Maggie entered my life.

There was little known about her story, she was surrendered in the North of the state, with a male collie, and thought to be about 5 years old. Mags was in a bad way, she had been infested with fleas, and was still filthy with her coat matted and dreadlocked, very underweight, nervous, and frightened of men. Later a vet told me she had probably suffered a broken leg at some time, and this contributed to significant arthritic problems as she got older. Given that I was told both dogs were often picked up by the local ranger, a car accident was a possibility, but we shall never know.

Initially she was ravenously hungry, stealing food from kitchen benches, and fiercely defending her meals or bones from others, but once she settled in and gained weight, this stopped and her very gentle nature surfaced. She was my shadow, a loyal friend and companion, happy to follow me around the garden, come in the car, or sit beside me wherever I was. She was always waiting at the front door for me if I had gone out without her.

Maggie was a most affectionate dog, she loved to lean against you,  sit on you if you were on the floor, or cuddle up on the couch and she would touch you with her right paw if she wanted something and would lift your hand or arm with her long nose if she needed to be stroked. If clothing was left on the floor, she would sleep on it like a smaller dog might do. She hunted and ate flies that came into the house, and would bark wildly at flocks of sparrows chirping in the bushes. She hated cats, particularly my neighbour’s ones and would fly off the veranda, barking fiercely if she spotted one in her garden, but would always greet visitors who came to the house in a friendly way. Maggie loved to go for walks, usually off the lead, and would become so excited when I put on my walking boots, changed my clothes or collected Bella’s lead, that she would yodel or sing. She never wandered away from home, which was such a joy in comparison to Bella’s desire to bolt at every opportunity, and which has not diminished over the years. Even as her arthritis became more serious, Maggie would valiantly follow, at her own pace when I walked each morning with several friends and their dogs too.

Less than two weeks ago a visit to the vet to investigate a change in her behaviour and breathing revealed that she had Lymphoma, a form of Leukaemia, and a very limited prognosis. Some medication was tried, to make her more comfortable but it did not have much effect, and with much sadness and love, she was put to sleep at home, on Sunday last. She has been buried on a friend’s property as this place will be sold in the next few months, and I could not bear to leave her with strangers.

I could write much more about this wonderful dog, but will not. Suffice to say the loss is enormous, my home feels empty without her……….as does my heart.


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It’s too darn hot…….

The last couple of days have been extremely hot and uncomfortable – 37 C where I was for lunch yesterday, and high 20’s today at home.  Makes me realise how much I dislike the heat, but is good practice for Singapore – except there will have the added bonus of high humidity!  My flights are booked, and I will have ten days away – Singapore and Penang, so am looking forward to it very much.

Both dogs had their summer haircuts today and now look very sleek and bare.  Maggie has gone from this:-

to this:-

Hard to believe it is the same dog!

WordPress seems to have changed the way one uploads photographs………I don’t like the change!

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Quick Post – Good News

Thanks for the emails and kind thoughts about Maggie – I am so pleased and relieved to report that the Hematologist who redid Maggie’s blood test reports that there is nothing significantly wrong – there are some abnormalities but probably just due to the fact she is now a geriatric dog.  So that is very good news.

Maggi and Patsye asked about the male black and tan Collie who was up for adoption at the same time, we presumed it was her brother but do not know for sure.  He remained at the Pound for another three weeks, during which time I strongly resisted pleas from my daughter and my own temptation to bring him home too.   Eventually he was listed as having been rehoused, which was probably a very good thing for me as I was feeling very sorry for him and might just have succumbed.

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Fingers Crossed

My beloved Blue Merle collie Maggie came to live with me in October 2006, having been adopted from a shelter in Melbourne where she and her brother had been sent from a pound in the north of this state.  The story was that the pair of them were neglected, frequently roamed the countryside, incurred many fines for their owner, and were surrendered as a result.  She was thought to be about 5 years old then, so now she must be nearly 11 or a bit more.   Maggie has been my constant and devoted companion ever since I brought her home – filthy, matted with dreadlocks, flea ridden and severely underweight.  That anyone could have neglected or mistreated her is beyond belief, as she is a gentle soul with a wonderful nature and is much loved by all who know her.  This is sounding like an obituary, it is not, however I am concerned for her at the moment.

As she has got older, like many large dogs, she has become arthritic and my vet thinks that she may also have had a broken leg or been hit by a car at some stage as her right hind leg shows signs of bone damage.  She has been on a regular anti- inflammatory medicine for some time, and this has helped keep her comfortable and mobile.  A week or so ago she began to limp, her right front leg was obviously hurting, and initially I thought she had perhaps jarred it by jumping off my verandah in pursuit of the neighbour’s cats, however it has not got any better. In addition she is just not her usual self, but listless with some loss of appetite, occasional vomiting, and a desire to spend her day on the couch.  Usually she follow me around the garden when I am working or taking photos, but recently has opted to sit somewhere and wait until I return.

The medicine she is on can cause some nasty side effects in the long term, but today the vet did a blood test and most of the results are normal, so this is not the case.  There were a couple of factors that were not right, and the blood is to be sent for specialist analysis as it indicates there may have something wrong with her liver.  We should know in a day or so, and I am hoping it is nothing serious.

On a lighter note, she was also given an injection today – I laughed when the vet called it a “Go Fast” shot, which may pep her up a little immediately.  I thought perhaps I should have one too, but when told it is an anabolic steroid, it did not seem such a good idea.

Fingers crossed.

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New Dogs?


Nope!  It is just that time of year again – major haircuts to deal with the heat that will come, as they will both be more comfortable particularly Maggie, the collie.  Be assured that her fur will grow back fully by the time autumn comes.  I leave it as late as possible in the hope they will not be too cold initially, but both needed coats this morning, despite it likely to be over 30 degrees later today.

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Best Friends……

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Maggie…..with fluff

For those who were worried about me shaving Maggie (seven weeks ago) so she would be more comfortable during the hot summer – rest assured, her fur is growing again and she is now covered again with new fluff – very puppy like, and so soft to touch.  She is certainly more comfortable, even though there have been very few hot days so far….  Here she is, gorgeous as usual.

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