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I know many folk prefer photographs without added textures or too much processing, but I am learning a whole lot about the various methods in the 52 week Beyond Layers classes.  Our challenge this week was to create images that had a painterly appearance…….using Kim Klassen’s Textures and the techniques we have been using.  I tried something I had been meaning to do for ages, that was, to make a particular sort of layer myself.  Because I wanted these photos to look as if they had been painted on canvas, I took a photo of some even-weave linen and after a little processing and tinting in Lightroom, used it as a layer with the others.  The results….


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Can’t believe that it is so long since my last post…….I have been busy doing a heap of things, but little stitching at all…..except some major patching to my son’s work trousers as he had gone through the knee.  When I returned the first pair this morning, fixed, he gave me two more!  One good turn deserves another they say – he is currently servicing and fixing an Elna Lotus to get it ready for sale.

A lot of time has been spent on things photographic, but I guess you are not surprised to know that dear Reader!  Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers course has only been going since the middle of January, but it has been fairly full on with assignments and keeping up with the new things we are learning, plus the work of other participants.  If you want to see some of it, then check out the Flickr site where some of the work is being posted.

This week’s assignment was to take a photo, and to make it look like an old fashioned shot, or a vintage image using her textures and some other photoshop magic..

These are what I did, using a few old pieces as props.  Those were really my shoes, hand made in India where my Father had been working, and brought home to the UK when he returned.

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Despite the threat of rain this morning,  I went to the Daylesford Market, as I often do on Sundays.  It was much quieter than usual, with fewer stalls and people – I guess because it is Father’s Day and folk were indulging their Fathers for breakfast in bed or somewhere special.

This is the what I found, and just had to bring home.  Isn’t it lovely?

It is a Brownie No 2 Folding Autographic camera from about 1916, when it cost $10.13, with an additional $1.25 for the leather case.  This sort of camera was made by Kodak between 1916 and 1926 when production ceased, and newer models were developed.   I even managed to find a contemporary advertisment for them – on an eBay listing where the ad was for sale.

I plan to use it as a photo prop in future photography, creating images such as this one.

They say that three of anything makes a collection……..I now have two vintage cameras………and on the look-out for more??  Maybe.

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Usually I am very punctual, particularly if I need to be somewhere, and then I’m usual early.  When one is retired, one is supposed to have heaps of time to do all manner of things……which I do, but not always on time, as this late posting shows!

Kim’s Texture Tuesday this week was to feature three of something…..and there are many examples from other contributors here.  I took a heap of photos using flowers and fruit, fairly literal interpretations of three of the same items, and they have all had at least one texture from Kim’s collections added at various opacities and blending modes.

The Lion is included just because….

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Kim Klassen wanted us to use a photos including people for this week’s Texture Tuesday, and I’m late because I needed to ask this gentleman’s permission before publishing a photo of him.  Apart from the fact that I do not take many photographs of people, some folk, me included, are a bit careful about real names, photos and other personal stuff being published on the internet, call us paranoid if you like, but I’d rather be cautious.  I know many readers know who I am, and where I live, but I have never posted this information online and have no intention of so doing.  Anyway, the Farmer was happy for me to post this one, taken one evening a few months back when it was warm.   I have added several of Kim’s textures at various opacity and with different blending modes, and I think it suits him well..

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I have been playing with textures again – the weather has been cold, wet and not conducive to outside photo taking, so have been fiddling with textures on images taken previously.  I think there is actually quite a lot of skill involved in creating these textured images, it is not simply a matter of a couple of layers in PS, and presto….there is a different look, something beautiful, intriguing or painterly, and not too kitsch.  There are so many variables and choices – what photo to use, what effect do you want to achieve, which textures, blended in which way, at what opacity, or filter or effect or or or???  I joined DPS a while ago, this was started by a Melbourne photographer and is now a worldwide online site with over 60,000 subscribers, it is a great source of information and advice, tutorials, image sharing and a forum about every aspect of photography.  Well worth a look if you do not know of it.  Anyway, a while back I came across an article on DPS where Paul Grand and Jill Ferry, the creators of Flypaper Textures gave some tips and answers to questions posed by the author – a useful beginning, but obviously one needs  practice and challenges as well.  Another good source of information and free textures is Kim Klassen, who will show you how to do it, but again one needs an idea of how to make the best choices to create a good result.  With this goal in mind I have been posting a weekly textured image as part of Kim’s Texture Tuesday.  Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I do not…..here are this week’s images.

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The theme this week for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday is Words – in the photo, or added during post production.  I have had a quick look at the offerings so far, and they are all very pretty, with positive, uplifting or thoughtful words added…..they look good, but a bit cutesy for me today.  I’m waiting for a friend to arrive, it is very cold, with occasional snow flurries, and I’m thinking about how we and the local wildlife will cope over the next few, probably miserable, days.

So this is my offering…..a bit silly and not too cute…..I hope it makes you smile.

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