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The Spa Quilters of Daylesford held their annual quilt show this weekend, and as I was in the town for the usual Sunday market, I went and had a look.  It was a fairly small show, with some very good quilts, and some less than spectacular ones, together with several quilt shops with tempting goodies for sale.  It was fairly easy to resist them………I have a cupboard and drawers full of fabrics, and these days, little inclination to use any of them.  I did take some pictures of items which impressed me though.

This kimono is made by Bev Sullivan,  from inchies…..possibly more than 500 of them.   What an effort!

Another mammoth effort – this huge quilt measured 3.25 x 2.6 metres…..quilt as you go hexagons by  Lorelle Hall – the label said she made it to use up her stash of Japanese fabrics.

Another lovely one – Giant Dahlia by Mary Fennell.

More Inchies….

Finally there were these – made from selvedge strips.  An amazing amount of work involved, but they looked great.

It made me think about quilting again………briefly!


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Wonky Stars

The daughter of a friend is currently undergoing treatment for a serious illness, and like quilters everywhere do, a group of us are making blocks – stars – for a quilt her Mother will complete for her, from all of us.  These are mine, deliberately wonky and in bright colours as requested.It was an interesting exercise to rummage in my stash to find “brights” – one would think after stitching and making quilts for more than 30 years I might have many loud fabrics from which to choose, that could appeal to a young woman.  I don’t!  It seems my stash is made up of muddy colours, not all blues as some might think, there are lots of florals and some very old calico type prints, but definitely not much that could be called bold and bright.  Wonder what that means?!

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There is an exhibition of buttons being held at the Kyneton Museum which is well worth seeing if you are a stitch or textile person and in the area.  Called  Button Up, it is open until the end of May, and the exhibits include work boxes, thimbles, buckles, button hooks and other beautiful ephemera from days gone by.  They are from the collections of Sonia Collard of Haberdash in Castlemaine, and Jan Harris.

The Kyneton Museum is located in an original Bank of New South Wales building, c.1856, two stories and made of bluestone, typical of the architecture of the district and it reflects the wealth created by the gold rush when this region was established.  The upstairs is furnished as a private residence, while the outhouses contain items from local farms, old buggies, and farm equipment, plus other articles from the mid 19th Century.  There are some vintage textiles and quilts to enjoy as well as various old household items – like this iron!  All 24lbs ( 10.8 Kg) of it!

A few shots of interesting things……….there are many, many more buttons……

A pattern for some applique?

Do make the time to go and see this great little community museum if you can……

PS – This little guy has been hanging around on my roses for several weeks…….I think I should give him a name….

For more photos of insects and stuff go to Fractions in Time – my photo blog needs some visitors or else I may shut it down.

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Another finish…..

As I read my favourite blogs, I am frequently amazed at times by the speed with which some quilters churn out one quilt after another, and wonder how they do it.  Modern quilting tools, reliable sewing machines, piece-cutting apparatus, string piecing and other techniques, plus professional machine quilting all help to achieve a result quickly, but I sometimes think in the rush, the value of making is diminished.  I now rarely make big quilts, but have been doing it for long enough to remember when one cut individual templates for each piece, usually from cereal boxes, cut the fabric with scissors, stitched on a marked 1/4 inch line, and hand quilted the whole thing.  When one finished a quilt then, the celebrations were worth it.   I am not a Luddite, nor do I resist developments in the technology, but I can certainly identify with those who seek a more gentle and intimate approach to creating textiles, where the sense of achievement can be very satisfying, as I am finding with my increasing interest in embroidery of various sorts.  Quilts in future for me, will be smaller, and once more, incorporate a lot of hand stitching.

This quilt was started more than two years ago, even though it was made with contemporary techniques and gadgets, it still took a long time because my interest waned and it was shelved for a period, while I pursued other textile interests.  It was beautifully quilted by Wendy from Honeypot Quilting in Bendigo (no website) in August, and has been waiting for its binding while I did the Crewel course.  I’m very happy with the finished quilt, which will now reside on my bed.

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As promised, some of the lovely textiles purchased from Kazari – these are all remnants of Kimono fabrics, or pieces from old garments.  I’m going to be doing an online class with Jude Hill in a couple of week’s time, and plan to use them for that.  First the silks…….the silver bit is heavily embroidered with silver metallic thread, on the edge of a heavy cream piece.

Some of the silks had wonderful textural designs woven into the fabric like damask, which don’t show up in the group photos.  Next the cotton ones, some of which are indigo dyed.

This one even has some mending….my own little piece of boro noragi

The Japanese symbols read as tea, and a place name – possibly advertising of some sort.

This small vintage basket also found its way home with me somehow……

Some of you may know I have a thing about owls….this came from the other shop I mentioned in the previous post – Flashback Fabrics.  Not sure what it will become yet.

And finally – a while back I joined ALQS4, organised by Kate in the UK, for which I made this 16 inch square quilt which has not yet reached its destination in Texas.

Today I received my quilt, which was quite high on my list of preferences, so I was very pleased.  Made by Judith in the UK, it is called Last Leaves Standing.  Judith said she hoped it would not make me feel too cold…..she does not know where I live and how cold it can be here!  Isn’t it great!

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This week-end marks another milestone…….the arrival of this small person in 2001, who is a much loved and constant companion.  Rescued from the North Melbourne Lost Dog’s Home, she was thought to be about a year old.  Bella is a very smart and active, I guess she is a poodle crossed with a terrier of some sort, which no doubt contributes to her desire to escape whenever there is the opportunity – an open door, a gate left unlatched for a second and she is gone……probably why she was in the Lost Dog’s Home in the first place.  Perhaps when she is really old, she may stop seeking such adventures, but I doubt it.

I finished a little quilt today, it is for Another Little Quilt Swap and hopefully will be sent to someone who likes it when the swap happens in a couple of months time.  It looks like there are about 50 people all over the world participating in this, and although it is the first time I have done so, it is the fourth time it has happened.  Photos of completed quilts have to be sent to the organiser by July 1st, and they have started to appear on the ALQS blog.  It is amazing how one can see faults when it is photographed, (like the wonky bottom of the vase) and there are things I would change if doing it again, but I have no intention of that! I had a terrible time with my machine when I tried to quilt it, with missed stitches and broken threads.  I changed needles and bobbin threads, cleaned the machine, rethreaded it a dozen times, read the instructions for the BSR, swore loudly, and did it all again…..so not particularly happy with the quilting, but it will pass – just!

Similar, but different is a birthday post card I made for Emma at the beginning of the month.  She is celebrating her 50th birthday on June 24th, and asked her readers to swap a post card to mark the event – hoping to find 50 folk with whom to swap.  The internet is a wonderful thing, and she has reached her goal.  I don’t envy her the task of making 50 cards to send in return.  Emma is gradually showing them on her blog, and as she has now received mine, I can show hers here.  It seems somehow I missed quilting one of the petals ……….

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‘Earth’ Quilt

It has rained for most of the day, so inside, warm and cosy, I have just completed the binding on the quilt started in class at the AQC, with Rosalie Dace early this month.  The Class was called “Earth, Wind and Fire”, and this is my take on the patch of Earth where I live – deep dark red volcanic soils, forests of native and deciduous trees, fertile fields and luxurious growth…….

This measures about two feet square, it is made with commercial batik and hand dyed cottons, machine quilted and embroidered with running stitch in silks, DMC  Perle #5  and stranded cottons.

I think I need to give it a name….

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