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I received my copy of the new Down Under Textiles today – which, by the way, I quite like.

It contains articles about many different techniques, but it was fairly basic information and there was nothing one would not know if you had been a regular reader of Quilting Arts.  None the less, it is good to have an Australian magazine addressing textiles other than quilting or traditional embroidery, and this is the first issue.

Imagine my surprise when flicking over the pages to see my name!  There is an article about ATC’s showing some from a collection of Erica Spinks, and there is one of mine that I swapped with her a couple of years ago.

I spent this morning learning the first stitch for the year in TAST2 – Diamond Stitch.  It took me a while to get my mind round it, and I do not have a photo of what I did yet……perhaps tomorrow…….


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Having decided that this year I would not enter any challenges (like TIF), or make a monthly committment to create a journal quilt (five of mine are to be display at the AQC in Melbourne in February) and focus instead of doing things for myself without any external pressure or deadlines, instead to complete some UFO’s in my own time, without feeling guilty if I chose to spend my days in the garden instead of the sewing room…….  it did not take much to make me change my mind!   I was flattered to be invited to join nine other women in a Round Robin challenge with a difference….each month we make a small 5 x 7 inch ‘page’ to a theme set by another participant, and then post it onwards to the next person on the list….by the end of the year I will receive all the pages others have done to my theme, but will not have seen them in progress.  The themes all need to be based on an abstract adjective, but can be interpreted in their own way by the maker of each page.  Thus the themes chosen are these:- Ethnic, Fresh, Gregarious, Ethereal, Zany, Inspirational, Romantic, Fertile, Arcane and Arboreal.

Having planted more than 50 trees of various sorts in the last three years, you might have guessed that my adjective is  arboreal – which means anything related to or resembling trees – so the choice is wide…….animals that inhabit or spend a large amount of time in trees, birds, mammals, reptiles, or insects.  Trees obviously have trunks, leaves, bark, roots etc etc, and many variations of each of these.  I look forward to seeing how other people choose to interpret the term.  As to the adjectives of my fellow participants, I have some ideas for some of them but a few will definitely be a bit tricky.

We have been encouraged to make a cover to begin with, which will travel with all the pages as they are made by others, so I have spent ages making this, which will fold around them initially, and then may have the pages stitched into it somehow to make a book, but I shall wait and see what I receive and decide how to finish it all then.  The ground fabric is felt embellished front and back with various fibres, pieces of prefelt,  bits of silk fabric, embroidered and then embellished again, and then more embroidery, and machined to the blue backing fabric.  The knotted edge is knotted cable chain stitch in a silk knitting yarn. This is the front I still need to figure out a catch or button or something……..


This is the back.


This is a close up of the front and knotted cable chain – a lovely stitch for adding texture.


I have also made some ATC’s for each of the participants, with some spare ones too.img_0328

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