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Thank you for all the lovely comments about my blue piece below, so pleasing to receive them.

Here is my latest little piece, a class sample to show how some surface stitchery stitches can be worked on canvas.  Please note it is not blue!

The stitches worked in DMC Perle #5 are Raised Chain, Fly, Running, Woven running, Herringbone, Backstitch, Buttonhole and variations, Sorbello, Detatched buttonhole, Woven spiderweb, Bullion and French knots.  The next one needs to show the repetitive use of stitches, and will probably be one of my minor pieces for the certificate.  It needs to be completed by Thursday so I had better get a move on.


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Jasmine and her contents were displayed today at our Guild meeting, but she is once more on her way to her next showing in the South of this state.  Our members were impressed by the wide range of techniques used, the amount of work involved, the very vibrant colours in the textiles, and the skills with which each piece was worked.  Many of them were pieces designed to hang, but unfortunately we did not have the means to hang them all – none the less we were all able to enjoy this traveling exhibition spread out on tables.  The pieces of work were accompanied by a large folder which explained how they were made, together with an artist’s statement for each piece.  I would certainly recommend this show to anyone who might want to have it visit their group – so if you do, then contact ATASDA.

Here are some photos of some of the works…….

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The fabric book has finally been finished, I completed the binding of the pages last night.  I’m fairly pleased with it, but as always , if I were doing it again some things would be done differently.  There are eight pages inside the cover, each one demonstrates a technique learned at Nifty Needles, the EG interest group that focuses on non traditional embroidery techniques.

The pages are bound with a simple stitched Japanese binding.

Each page is backed with a hand-dyed fabric, and the edges finished with buttonhole stitch.

Each facing page has a label with the name of the piece, and details of how it was made.

The labels were printed on the computer and attached with Vliesofix

The background fabric for the covers was made by enclosing a piece of wool prefelt between two layers of hand dyed silk, stitching them together by hand and machine, then felting the three layers together. It is a lovely texture to touch.

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This is the full page, now completed – somehow it has a Celtic feel to it…..must be the various curves.  The background has been embellished with silk and wool fibres, and will also have a blanket stitch edging when I have cut it to size – this will not be done until all pages are fully completed.  I have been working on this today while it pours with rain, and all backgrounds will reflect the colours and stitching of the centre piece……..I’m hoping the end result will be as I imagine…..

It is raining heavily again here, and there must be thunderstorms on the way as the Bella, the pink dog is beginning to panic.  I know it will pass in a few days time, and things will be normal again – I’m lucky.

I cannot imagine how those in Queensland affected by the terrible flooding will ever feel things are normal again.  The losses and devastation are horrendous – lives, homes, pets, possessions, treasures, properties, stock, crops and livelihoods gone.  The cost is going to be in the billions of dollars, and the cleaning up will be a Herculean task.  My heart goes out to each and every one affected.

Various online stitching and quilting groups are talking about making quilts or getting together bags of stitching supplies for those who have lost everything, it seems to me that while their intentions are good, at this stage the best thing to do now is to donate is cash to the Red Cross or the Queensland Government sponsored site here. Material goods may be appreciated later.

Some textile folk are holding auctions to raise funds for the relief, so have a look and do what you can.  These are a couple I know of so far…..I’m sure there will be more.

My friend Lizzie – here

Tasmanian Toni – here

As usual, Victorian Jan Macfayden will be putting quilts together to send at a later time……if you want to help by making Quilt as You Go blocks, or by sending batting or supplies…..see the Oz Comfort Quilts Blog.

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Not a lot of stitching going on here……house guests for a week, two extra folk plus two canine kids, and another man and dog arriving in a couple of days.  In fact if postings are a bit sparse for the next little while, don’t be concerned, it is just the silly season and things are busy.  I’m not making a fuss about Christmas, there is no decorating of any kind, no Christmas tree, and once more I failed to write the Christmas cards in time.  Instead the family will gather here on Christmas Day for lunch ( not turkey or ham ) and some quiet time between their other engagements with in-laws on Christmas Eve,  Boxing Day and work.

I did manage to finish this yesterday….nothing special, just a piece of embroidery done for some other reason a while ago, but not used…….so I turned it into a giant pincushion….it is about six inches square and hopefully less likely to get lost!

Crewel wool and silk on cotton/linen fabric

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It is finished!

I have finally completed the stitching of the major piece for the Intermediate Crewel Certificate.  I still have to get it framed – in a week – and put the presentation folio together, but all of that is achievable.  My sense of relief will be enormous once that is done, but the end of this course is now in sight, and the thought that I can once more focus on other things is bliss!

The brief was for an A4 sized piece of work of one’s own design, and this is mine. It is worked in Appletons Crewel wool on Linen twill, and the colours are a little lighter than this photo shows.   Others in the class are making their work into bags, foot stools, cushions, wall hangings etc, but I have chosen the easiest, and this will just be framed.

And some closeups of the flowers…

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Another small piece for the Intermediate Crewel Certificate…..my design, and stitched in a day.  I have designed and started my “major piece” for this course, and I’m pleased to report that the end is in sight!   This small embroidery, on raw silk,  is about six inches long, and includes a little of the wool dyed with Eucalyptus leaves.  It seems strange that one can use a lovely blue/green leaf in the dye pot and end up with orange/brown!

Some other dye results…..Eucalyptus in an iron pot, and Cherry Ballart in an aluminium one, with some Alum as mordant.  I was hoping for more lovely greens, but ended up with a bile yellow colour, rather than green.  Fabrics were bundled with leaves and other bits of stuff ( nails, piece of metal grid, old washers) included between the layers which have given some good prints.

These two photos are either side on one fabric……a wool flannel sort of thing sold by the Creswick Woollen Mills.

And some threads – both wool and silk of different weights.

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