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On a recent trip home from North of the state, we met this little (??) fellow…….only 10 weeks old and weighing 14 kilograms.  His name is Murphy and I thought he was too gorgeous to keep to myself.

This gorgeous bundle of fur would have cost his happy new owners about $3000 as he is a St. Bernard, and when fully grown he is likely to weigh between 50-90 kgs  and be almost a 70-90 cms tall at the shoulder.


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I know many folk prefer photographs without added textures or too much processing, but I am learning a whole lot about the various methods in the 52 week Beyond Layers classes.  Our challenge this week was to create images that had a painterly appearance…….using Kim Klassen’s Textures and the techniques we have been using.  I tried something I had been meaning to do for ages, that was, to make a particular sort of layer myself.  Because I wanted these photos to look as if they had been painted on canvas, I took a photo of some even-weave linen and after a little processing and tinting in Lightroom, used it as a layer with the others.  The results….

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Happy to report that the Bernina still goes, despite being forsaken for a Canon.  In fact I really enjoyed making these items and began to look at my stash with slitty eyes, thinking what things I could do with it – there is rather a lot, I must confess……including many fabrics that have been aging for 20 years or more.  Almost original repros so to speak.

Some simple 9 patches, made with ‘real ‘repros….as part of a joint effort of a group of friends.  They are destined for a Disappearing 9 patch quilt, that will be raffled at a Retreat in Bendigo in 2013.

Then I made this bag from that piece of patchwork mentioned a couple of posts back.  I really like this, a useful shape and size for taking needlework to meetings etc.  I knew if I waited a while, inspiration would strike!  The twisted cord is made from a bunch of lurid Procion dyed cotton threads I received in a lucky dip at the Embroiderer’s guild Christmas luncheon.  Coincidentally the colours were a perfect match.

You might notice a button in the sidebar which says Beyond Layers…….this is a 52 week course with Kim Klassen, and looks like it will be a whole lot of photo fun.  One of the first images I posted on Flickr to share with the group was this one.

I obviously hit the mark – Amazingly, I have now had nearly 320 502 viewings of it on Flickr, 32  45 comments, it was selected for Flickr’s Flickriver Explore on 21/1/12, and there were three six invitations to post it on other selective sites featuring special photos.  Who’s a happy snapper then?

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May I boast a little?

I subscribe to Australian Photography Magazine, and the first volume for next year arrived today in the mail.  Imagine my delight when I opened it up and saw this:-

I submitted this photo of Maggie to the magazine a couple of months ago, as an entry into their monthly competition – I did not win anything, but it is the first time a photo of mine has made it into print and I’m rather chuffed to say the least!

Thanks to those of you who continue to say good things about my shots, and for suggesting I should try and sell them online.  I had never thought of this, but have now followed up by doing a bit of research into those companies that sell stock photos, and how one can submit your images for sale.  I’m not convinced that one might make much money from the sort of pictures I take, but I think I might give it a go…..watch this space!

PS – A few days after this post, I received a phone call from the Publishers, to advise me that they would give me a six month extension on my subscription for the publication.  How good is that??

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New Leaves

The internet is awash with beautiful photographs of Northern Hemisphere Autumn colours in all their riotous glory, while down under Spring is well on its way – but where I live has a cool climate, and so Spring comes a little later and more slowly.  The new growth on my trees has a more gentle beauty, particularly when shot in the early morning light.  Enjoy……….

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Today’s Feathered Friends.

Firstly, a big thank you to those kind folk who left birthday greetings yesterday….it helped make it a great day, which finished with a delicious dinner with friends, and a bit to many bubbles….

Taken a week or so ago, the photo below is of a young female Crimson Rosella, who has not yet got her full adult plumage and is in transition from being green all over.  She has a mate though, and both come daily with several others to the bird table in the back yard.  Don’t you think she looks as if she has been hand dyed?  She will look splendid in red, but I love this hippy look!  I wonder if the pair will bring their young to feast on grain in a little while..

Some of the other birds that called in to see what was on offer today…..locals will know all of these birds, but overseas readers may not – hence the links for further info.

A Sulphur Crested Cockatoo – these are big noisy birds, beautiful to look at, and usually  found in large flocks which can be extremely destructive.  They are the primary reason my vegetable patch is totally enclosed with netting.

My resident Kookaburra, who sadly does not seem to have a mate yet.  He does not eat grain or bird seed, but insects, worms and in season, young snakes and lizards.  This one is to be found most mornings, sitting in a tree at the front of my property, intently watching the ground for tasty morsels.  He now allows me to get quite close before flying away to a slightly more distant tree.

This last one is a Black Currawong – a handsome fellow with a lovely song, but likely to eat anything and I have even seen them take smaller birds like wrens or finches from a branch where they were sitting.  Mother Nature has a cruel side…

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Usually I am very punctual, particularly if I need to be somewhere, and then I’m usual early.  When one is retired, one is supposed to have heaps of time to do all manner of things……which I do, but not always on time, as this late posting shows!

Kim’s Texture Tuesday this week was to feature three of something…..and there are many examples from other contributors here.  I took a heap of photos using flowers and fruit, fairly literal interpretations of three of the same items, and they have all had at least one texture from Kim’s collections added at various opacities and blending modes.

The Lion is included just because….

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