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Purple is defined as being a range of colours between red and blue.  It has become one of my favourite colours, for wearing (goes well with white/grey hair!) and for stitching in various forms. Originally derived from a molusc in ancient times, purple dye was rare and expensive, so became associated with nobility and royalty as they were the only folk able to afford it.  It comes in a wide range of tints and shades, often with names of their own, for example:- violet, lavender, heliotope, mauve, etc.  There have been books, films and bands all using purple in their names or titles, it’s a colour associated with death in Japan, but one that was once worn in mourning as a transient colour from black, one year after a person’s death.  It has various connotations across cultures, literature, and science…….but have you heard about purple potatoes?

A couple of years ago a friend gave me a single Purple Congo Potato which I divided into four pieces and planted.  These potatoes originally came from Peru, and one can find them occasionally in gourmet veggie shops, or in seed catalogues if you wish to try growing them.  My plants were vigorous in their growth, grew very large and had roots reaching a good metre from the plant, but did produce a reasonable crop of very knobbly long spuds.  I did not particularly like them, and attempted to remove every trace of them from the vegetable plot –  but I failed!  The minute ones left in the ground grew the following year, and I did the same thing again.  I have just dug them again…the third time ….to cook and share with my visitor who had never had them.  I think they are weird, lack flavour, and really do not look appetizing!  Judge for  yourselves….

Newly dug Purple Congo Potatoes

My visitor wanted them mashed……

Mashed Purple Congo Potato

I did not eat all of mine……..

(Purple, green and white…….the colours of the Suffragettes and International Women’s Day)


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Cirque de Moi

Sometime back I wrote about the frustration of dealing with local wildlife – birds, chooks, kangaroos, and rabbits when trying to grow vegetables, and my distress when one morning I found all my newly planted and slowly growing seedlings uprooted by Sulphur Crested cockatoos and rapacious Rosellas..……..Well it ain’ t gonna happen again – I have the problem beaten!  Behold – my version of the domestic circus tent!


So far there are broad beans, two kinds of lettuce, broccoli, snow peas, cauliflower, leeks, onions and garlic growing.  Later today I plan to plant more onions, eggplant and a very large pot of strawberries, but will leave room for tomatoes and sweet corn to go in a little later, but I am planning on a little self sufficiency through the summer……

These are a couple of small embroidered pieces made as an example of using a painted background for one’s stitching for the Surface Stitchery course.  Given that I do not consider myself capable of much more than stick figures and doodles, I was quite pleased with these.  I used acrylic paints on calico and simple stitches of knots and staight stitching.



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