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On Saturday last I attended the Werribee Quilters Quilt-in, along with about 200 others to have some fun and to listen to a presentation by Michele Hill, quilter extraordinaire, author and down to earth genuine person who for the past fourteen years, has been obsessed by William Morris.  She was informative, amusing, unpretentious, and generous in her willing to share her experiences along her craft journey from the 1980’s, to where she is now.   She even showed a photo of her very first quilt!  I met her a couple of years ago in Adelaide and really liked her presentation then – she is still worth seeing if you have a chance, or doing a class with her as I’m sure you would learn a lot.  I’m hopeful that our Embroiderer’s Guild will engage her to teach in 2013, I shall certainly be there if that happens.

There was a quilt shop present during the day, and I purchased a couple of William Morris repros to add to the stash.

The blue fabric seems rather topical – it features the famous Strawberry Thief design….and I was writing about birds yesterday…….

specifically Blue Wrens…….and delightedly….today I captured these shots……I had been digging in a flower bed and he came to see if any tasty morsels had been unearthed.

A Male Superb Blue Wren

Superb Blue Wren

Superb Blue Wren - male

Mrs Superb Blue Wren

Blue is a favourite colour of mine, so here are a couple more items.  A beautiful little jug, a recent gift from my daughter.

And what is it sitting on?  A table runner finished last night – just two pieces of fabric, one hand dyed by me, no batting, stitched with running stitch – my version of Kantha work, a simple mindless piece of work that takes no concentration at all.  It is about 26 X 13 inches in size.

Finally, not blue, but the flowers are – as I was taking the photo of my jug, I noticed a minute spider….not much bigger than a pinhead.  You can compare it to the size of the Forget-me-not and you will know just how tiny it was.  I think it is an Orb Weaving Spider, of which there are many in the garden.

Juvenile Orb Weaving Spider




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