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Did you know that there are probably more than 10,000 known Australian fungi – which can be found all around you – in the earth below, in the forest, in the garden, in the desert, the sea, your fridge, and your beer? I spent a fascinating day on Saturday in a workshop with local ecologist and photographer Alison Pouliot*, learning about and looking at fungi which thrive in our local area. There were about 20 participants, of all ages, some mainly interested in knowing which ones are edible, with others who were interested in knowing more about the various species, plus those who wanted to photograph and/or eventually draw them. To begin with we had a couple hours inside with Alison who gave us loads of information, showed numerous photos, and had collected hundreds of specimens which were displayed for our perusal, then after lunch, out into the Wombat State Forest nearby to search and identify fungi for ourselves.

We found edible ones, hallucinogenic ones, red, white, blue ones, many many little brown ones, several  poisonous ones, and even one which glows in the dark. It was a wonderful day, and Alison was such a great teacher, and with such an extraordinary knowledge of her subject that I would have no hesitation in recommending the workshop to anyone who is curious about this amazing Kingdom Eumycorta.

Here are a few photos which I took in the forest – there are many more on Fractions in Time.

These all have long latin names……..which I do not yet know!

* I tried to attach a link to Alison’s name, but the web is not cooperating at present……. will check later and add it when possible.


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Autumn is such a wonderful season for finding fungi of different types…..so you can look forward to more pictures as they pop up.

This is the first of these for this year – Amantia muscaria or Fly Agaric they are poisonous but rarely fatal, and known for having hallucinogenic properties.  Pretty, the stuff of fairy tale illustrations and apparently well loved by slugs and snails as it is sometimes difficult to find one which has not been nibbled.

(This photo has been photoshopped and has some added texture.)

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Saffron Caps

I know, I should be finishing my packing, but this was actually part of my preparations.

They have just been picked from the property to take with me for my daughter and s-in-l who like to eat them.  These are Lactarius delicious or the Saffron Milk Cap and there are heaps of them growing under the pine trees.

Aren’t they pretty?

Off now to finish throwing stuff in a case……..how does one prepare for weather in Melbourne where you can get four seasons in one day!

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Friday Photos – Fungi

Autumn rains and a bit of warm weather has made the local fungi erupt from the ground, making the grass and leafy areas look like something from an illustrated fairy tale.  There is everything from a circular fairy ring, to the colourful Fly Agaris, fungi that grow on trees, to true mushrooms, many various toadstools I cannot name, and edible pine mushrooms that my Easter visitors gathered and ate for breakfast.  Doubting Thomas that I am, I abstained from the latter, telling my Daughter that someone needed to be able to call the Dr…..

A selection of shots taken over the last few days…..

These ones are the edible pine mushrooms which were enjoyed for breakfast on Easter Sunday.

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