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Do you remember the wonderful film made by the Royal Ballet of the Tales of Beatrix Potter?

I think these frogs are practicing for the audition for the role of Jeremy Fisher…………

These shots were all taken yesterday with the Canon EOS 550 and Macro lens.  The frogs were out all day in the Hydrangeas, enjoying the warm and damp weather – aren’t they great?  I shall probably post more froggy pictures on my photo blog later today.


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This frog is the Southern Brown Tree Frog – Litoria ewingii

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A quick trip outside to fetch something and I spotted this tiny frog snoozing on a leaf in a Euphobia plant, about four feet up.  I’m afraid I woke him up!  It was gleaming copper colour, clean and shiny, and only about 15 mm in length.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  This is one of the Brown Tree frogs mentioned in my earlier post today, but a juvenile because it was so small.

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