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The Daffodil

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
Written by William Wordsworth in 1804, this is a poem that most of us learned at school, I certainly did and can also remember my Father often quoted it, but usually in some mangled humourous form as well as the real thing.  This area of Central Victoria is awash with them – gardens (mine included) and fields are sprinkled with patches of gold, bunches are being sold cheaply at roadsides, and as mentioned in the last post, a nearby town is having a festival in their honour, which included a daffodil themed Scarecrow competition. To me they signify that Spring is really here and their gorgeous colours are a welcome sight after the wet and dull winter in this very cold climate.
These are some more shots from the Daffodil Festival in Kyneton, and around the area.




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Friday Photos

Firstly, thank you to all those who made kind comments about the final piece – all those stitchers amongst you will appreciate how good it is to have one’s work well received!

Friday Photos this week feature Oriental and Asiatic Lilies which are blooming in my garden at the present time.  Sorry, but you will have to imagine the fragrance…….20121217-_MG_6396






WordPress is being difficult – it’s not uploading all my pictures! Most annoying!

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I recently visited a bush garden on the other side of Melbourne, primarily to see the native orchids that were growing naturally by the hundreds.  I was also impressed by the cultivated garden around the house, all native plants, it was full of birds feeding on the flowers.  Photographer that I am, the long drive home was filled with thoughts of where I could put some of these bird attracting plants in my garden and eventually, with luck,  have a wider variety of birds to photograph.  Those than know this garden will realise that this is a radical step for this once keen gardener, having spent years developing a garden with mostly deciduous trees and shrubs, camellias, roses, perennials and other non-Australian plants!  Anyway, for those readers not familiar with the exotic beauty of some natives, here are some shots of Grevillea that I purchased during the week.  I think they will be a very satisfactory addition.
PS – Folk from overseas are asking if these are orchids – no they are not.  Grevillea are native evergreen flowering shrubs which vary in size from small and low prostrate growing plants to many metres tall like trees.  Check the Grevillea link here for more info.

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Garden Splendors…

The wet Spring we have experienced has meant luscious growth in the garden, everything is looking wonderful – if you ignore the weedy areas.  I’m still catching up with my gardening, which was ignored for weeks after my knee op, it is still pretty much out of control in some areas, but in others it is a gorgeous riot of colour as roses and perennials bloom.  These following shots were all taken during the month of November.  I am not posting them as a slide show as this means the images are much smaller.  We begin with the garden bed along the front of the house.

If you have enjoyed these photographs, then please don’t forget to visit my photoblog for more images…Fractions in Time.

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Round the garden, between the showers……..I do love those drops!

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Still no stitching to show, but the garden at long last is as good as it is going to be for the local garden club…..they come on Tuesday so then I can relax again and get going on something textile instead of weedy!  I have taken a total of ten trailer loads of rubbish to the tip, and it is a good feeling to know most things are now done – in good time too, as it has rained for the last couple of days.

Some recent photos though, these are possibly the last dragonfly hatchings for the season.  I took these three days ago and there have been none since.

And a few from the garden, there are not many flowers left now, particularly after all the cutting back – these were taken early in the morning when drenched with dew.


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Road Trip…..

I’m off in the morning to Canberra – a trip of about 670 kilometres, driving with my two favourite young women – my daughter and my daughter-in-law.  We are going to see the current exhibition at the National Gallery of costumes from the Ballets Russes,  the exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery, and anything else that takes our interest.  I can’t wait to see the fantastic textiles in the Ballet costumes, and there is a special show of photographs by the American photographer, Martin Schoeller at the NPG.  It should be a lovely four days, staying in a nice hotel apartment in the centre of town, with no goal other than to enjoy ourselves.  Back next week – hopefully with some good photos of my own as well.

Here is one to leave you with – a red Coneflower or Echinacea purpurea – it is the first time this gorgeous thing has bloomed.

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