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A week or so ago I went to the Melbourne Zoo – specifically to take photographs.  I was disappointed as the place was full of long lines of chattering primary school children with their teachers, most animals were only visible through (dirty) glass, and the elephants and lions were not in their outside areas.  I took a few decent photos, but not enough to make the trip worthwhile.

In contrast my own property is full of interesting creatures, and I can always find something fill my lens.  For instance:-

This Koala was in one of my back garden trees recently, I was alerted to its presence by my dogs barking as they chased it up the tree.  I think it is a relatively young one, and in very good health.  I don’t actually see these very often, and this one did not stay long after it had a short snooze, but they do live in the surrounding forest and I have certainly heard their growling and snorts!

You have seen this bird before……….A Currawong.  There have been a pair in the garden for a while, and I sometimes feed them so they are less frightened of me than one might expect.

In the last week, they have appeared with a young one……..still fluffy although fully grown, it follows them around and squawks constantly for food.  It already has that grumpy look!

Here it is demanding to be fed a strawberry.

The parent birds are omnivorous, and obviously love berries.  Despite careful netting, the raspberries are not safe at all.

It shows no respect for a wooden bird either!

At this time of year my garden is full of young Litoria ewingi, Southern Brown Tree frogs, and a favourite place is amongst the Hydrangea which grow just outside the back door.  These were caught briefly and photographed on a flower pot of moss, which may give an idea of their size – about the size of a finger nail.  All hopped away unharmed.

And then there are the insects……more of which you can see on Fractions in Time so don’t forget to visit the photo blog.


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A pleasant day today, some sunshine, but mostly overcast – ideal for taking photos, so I spent a fair amount of time outside with the camera.  If you ignore the weeds, the garden is spectacular, full of colour, roses starting to bloom, paeonies, poppies and other flowers, plus lots of bugs and spiders of course!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  I do love this slideshow facility, but wish the photos could be a little larger…

I’m thinking about starting a separate blog just for photos so this one, which was supposed to be about adventures in textiles, does not get overwhelmed……Will let you know when it happens.

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For the last week or so, this little lady has appeared in the middle of her web at night, but hides during the day.  She is Garden Orb-weaving Spider, possibly Eriophora biapicata, but I am not sure.  She is actually about the size of my little finger-nail, but her web is quite large, and incoveniently spun on the veranda post at my back door.  Unless careful, it is easy to walk through it by day.  She is very industrious and carefully mends the web each night so that in the morning after capturing and wrapping a variety of moths and other insects, damaging the web in the process, there is a perfect web once more.  Last night I was delighted to see there was a second, smaller spider spinning its web a couple of metres away……now I have two to watch………..my apologies to those who do not like them, I find them rather lovely.

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I’m back – more than two weeks since the last post……..

Thank you to those who have continued to visit and leave comments, despite a dearth of new postings, and those who emailed to see if I was OK.  Your loyalty and concerns are very much appreciated.  I have actually enjoyed the break, but if I leave it any longer it will become more and more difficult to get going again.

During this time, there has been little stitching of note, but despite having house guests, several trips to Melbourne, and various other essential activities, I have still been able to get out in the garden with the camera, and these are a few recent macro shots.  As the weather is warming up there are wonderful flowers to photograph as well as the bees and other bugs they attract.

The centre of a large flowering Clematis

Love-in-a-mist or Nigella are wonderful annuals that self seed very easily, and I find them very photogenic with their fine green leaves, fluffy blue petals and exotic centres.
However, I’m still trying to take the perfect photo of their lovely flowers…

Sadly I no longer keep bees, they were never able to make enough honey to last them through the winter, and the weather here was too cold and wet through winter for the hive to survive. One can feed them with sugar syrup to supplement what they can forage for themselves, but it seems most local apiarists move their hives to kinder climates for winter.  There are many bees around now, they seem to love blue flowers and this lavender is one of their favourites.

It’s Fly season again….I hate them but love to be able to see the detail of a close up photo.

My Entomologist daughter has this female Praying Mantis living in a jar in her kitchen, it is still quite young and cannot yet fly.  About an inch long, her name is Consuela, she is lives on flies that are caught for her and will be released when she has wings and needs to go free…..

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This frog is the Southern Brown Tree Frog – Litoria ewingii

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The last few days have been warmer and sunny, so I am finding it very difficult to focus on the things that need my attention, and instead have been out with the camera again.  I’m sure you are getting fed up with the lack of stitch and textile related posts…..but here goes with the best of today’s images.

And the best for last…….


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