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Building a Home

Down by the lake this afternoon, I discovered yet another pair of wrens who seem to be building a nest in my bonfire pile, which is still too wet to light (and obviously now will not be).  At least, she was busy collecting tiny bits of interesting stuff, while he mostly posed around the place in the setting sun, singing his heart out.  As usual, a woman’s work is never done………

Talking of building homes, that is what I shall be doing in the next year or so.  Much as I love this gorgeous place, three acres of garden, carting wood for fires in winter,  the steps into the house, and a few other things have made me decide it is all too much for this old bird, so it is to be sold at a date yet to be determined.  I had a birthday a week or so ago, and on the day committed to the purchase of a smaller block of land in this town, and will build a custom designed sustainable home on it.  I imagine the process will provide lots of fodder for this blog!


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The Daffodil

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
Written by William Wordsworth in 1804, this is a poem that most of us learned at school, I certainly did and can also remember my Father often quoted it, but usually in some mangled humourous form as well as the real thing.  This area of Central Victoria is awash with them – gardens (mine included) and fields are sprinkled with patches of gold, bunches are being sold cheaply at roadsides, and as mentioned in the last post, a nearby town is having a festival in their honour, which included a daffodil themed Scarecrow competition. To me they signify that Spring is really here and their gorgeous colours are a welcome sight after the wet and dull winter in this very cold climate.
These are some more shots from the Daffodil Festival in Kyneton, and around the area.



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I have never seen these magnificent large Black Cockatoos in this area before today when a flock of about 20 of them landed in very tall pine trees on the border of my property.  I was alerted to their presence initially because of the raucous noise they were making, quite different to the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos that are common here.  Of course, I grabbed the camera hoping to catch a shot, but these were the best I could do even with a 200mm lens.  Most of them were hidden by the branches, but several were right at the top, eating the new pine cones or shoots – it was hard to determine exactly what had attracted them.  I do hope they come again.

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While photography has become a major interest, I have not totally given up stitching and other crafty things.  Currently I’m knitting (!!!) a cowl or more likely a neck sock with some gorgeous Noro yarn I found in a bargain bin. Also successfully using circular needles, which is a coup as I am very much an old school traditional knitter – two or four needles if I need to knit something round.  Anyway – it’s a change and easy to do in front of the television – though Australian television these days is full of foolish politicians trying to outdo each other.  I read somewhere that the main party leaders were referred to as Dr No and the Flim-flam man.  Seemed appropriate somehow.  I’m longing for September 8th when hopefully the whole business will be over.

Back to some stitching  – I made this recently as part of a birthday gift for one of my stitching group.  A nifty little container in which to keep orts.  If you do not know what this word means, its origin is from late middle English or German meaning food remains, however in this case it is for scraps of thread.


The other item I have actually finished is a triptych made after a class at the Embroiderers Guild.  While quite pleased with it, there are a couple of things I might do differently next time.  Sadly it is not possible to post a larger image here, but this is actually more than 50 cms wide and the detail is lost in this puny picture.


Now just because the last picture is not so good, here are a couple I took today of one of the many Kookaburras that visit this garden daily.  I know someone who occasionally reads this spasmodic blog will enjoy them.



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Some photos taken today and posted here for a change……

Click on any image for a larger view.  The collage changes its layout every time it is opened.

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Friday Photos

Firstly, thank you to all those who made kind comments about the final piece – all those stitchers amongst you will appreciate how good it is to have one’s work well received!

Friday Photos this week feature Oriental and Asiatic Lilies which are blooming in my garden at the present time.  Sorry, but you will have to imagine the fragrance…….20121217-_MG_6396






WordPress is being difficult – it’s not uploading all my pictures! Most annoying!

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Ready for Cup Day

Some shots of my front garden taken this afternoon – I reckon it looks pretty good, and don’t imagine those famous gardens at Flemington would be much better.  There is still masses to do in the rest of this 2 1/2 acre patch, but I’ve done enough for now, and the place is ready for our Embroiderer’s Guild Cup Day lunch.  Unfortunately the weather forecast is for rain with thunder in the afternoon – fingers crossed the Bureau of Meteorology is wrong as they often are!

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