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Creative Cue – Touch

Creative Cue is found here


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Creative Cue #35 – Sponge

A pile of synthetic cosmetic sponges, which I use for applying paints or dyes to things……definitely not make-up!  Original photo altered with PSE8.

Another rainy day here….spent stitching things and with a dye-pot cooking away in the kitchen.  I shall post the results in a day or so.

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I sometimes eat in front of the TV – one of those things one’s Mother might abhor, but when there is no one else here….no one will ever know…..except Bella who waits and watches, ever hopeful that the tray will fall off my knees.

With a bit of poetic license, I’m using this as my Creative Cue this week.

The song says “Drink to me only with thine eyes, and I shall pledge with mine……”
Ben Johnson, 1532 – 1637

How about ” Speak to me only with your eyes, and I shall speak with mine…..”

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Creative Cue – Arm

Creative Cue is the weekly challenge from Three Creative Studios

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This is the Mother of all spools of thread surrounded by her six children of various sizes.

Mother is five and a half inches tall, and held 10,000 yards of cotton.  The label on the top says “British Thread Mill (Australasia) Ltd” and was made in Sydney.  I have had it for almost 30 years, but guess it to be much older than that.

Creative Cue is from Three Creative Studios

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Catching up from being away and too busy beforehand. If, dear Reader,  you are wondering what this is all about, then check this link

Firstly – Pocket. This was a piece of a shirt made of hemp that I dunked in the walnut dye pot, to see what it would do (not much actually).  The hankie is a lovely hand made one which was a gift.

Secondly – Break …….what happens when one inadvertently hits a tree with a ride on mower.

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Creative Cue – Full

This week’s effort…..if wondering what this is all about, then check here.   I am doing this using photographs and Photoshop Elements 8, with which I just play, hoping to learn a bit more by trial and error.  Sometime, when the day contains 48 hours, I hope to use some, or parts of these stitch designs!

The wood is stacked neatly in the woodshed and it is FULL

Then I fiddled with the photo…..

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