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Yesterday I finished the stitching on the little woven piece of cloth, and I am very pleased with it.  It is densely quilted in the way of Indian Kantha cloths through the several layers of fabric, and it has a beautiful hand, but still feels quite firm and secure……..When completed, I washed it very gently in hot water to settle the layers, perhaps shrink it a tiny bit, and ease the raw edges into a soft fluff.  I figure there are about 25 stitches to the square inch…..hence the 5000 stitches, give or take a few.  I’m thinking it will hang in my kitchen to add a little colour…


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I have been sitting quietly in the corner of the classroom of Jude’s Contemporary Woven Boro class since it began, and for a variety or reasons, have not done anything other than watch what has been going on, and be impressed by the huge volume of work that has been produced by my talented classmates….I’m sorry I cannot show you, but it is a closed group…….though there may be something here on Flickr.  Since yesterday I have been working on a small woven piece……..it is not finished, some elements are only pinned so might move/be removed, and it needs a great deal of stitching still – but it is a beginning.

First piece for CWB

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