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Despite the threat of rain this morning,  I went to the Daylesford Market, as I often do on Sundays.  It was much quieter than usual, with fewer stalls and people – I guess because it is Father’s Day and folk were indulging their Fathers for breakfast in bed or somewhere special.

This is the what I found, and just had to bring home.  Isn’t it lovely?

It is a Brownie No 2 Folding Autographic camera from about 1916, when it cost $10.13, with an additional $1.25 for the leather case.  This sort of camera was made by Kodak between 1916 and 1926 when production ceased, and newer models were developed.   I even managed to find a contemporary advertisment for them – on an eBay listing where the ad was for sale.

I plan to use it as a photo prop in future photography, creating images such as this one.

They say that three of anything makes a collection……..I now have two vintage cameras………and on the look-out for more??  Maybe.


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Friday’s Copyright Seminar was a great success, well attended, the technology worked without a hitch in a comfortable venue provided by the local Shire, with a very knowledgeable and informative speaker, a delicious lunch and participants who went home knowing a whole lot more about this important issue.  Having been the organiser, I am relieved that everything came together on the day, and I can now relax!

Robin Wright, our speaker, is the copyright mangager for Swinburne University, a lawyer with expertise in national and international copyright law, and extensive experience in delivering training in the educational sector and other areas.  There is no way I would try and summarise what we learned, but will post this link for the Australian Copyright Council, and encourage folk who want to understand the laws a little more to have a look.  In their FAQ section, one can browse alphabetically, by keywords, or by what you do – eg Art and Design, Music, Writing and Publication and many other areas.  Of specific relevance to textile folk is the section devoted to Craftworkers.  It is well worth a look and may clarify many issues.

For the past couple of weeks I have had the loan of one of these:-

Canon 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM EF Lens

This is the most amazing telephoto lens, one could almost feel like a member of the Paparazzi when using it, however I don’t think my subjects objected to being photographed.  I have had fun trying it out in the last few days whenever it stopped raining – I must remember that the annual rainfall was one of the reasons I moved to this area – so good for gardening….  I’m now seriously saving my gold coins so I can get one for myself. Here are a few of the shots I took recently….

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From the sublime to the rediculous…….I found this at the Daylesford Market this morning…..

Coronet made simple box cameras Birmingham in the UK from 1926 – 1946, and this model was made in 1935.  Made of metal and Bakelite, it came in a well worn brown leather case – all its working bits inside are intact, and it would take a 120 film.  I’m sure it would still work as it is in excellent condition, but I really bought it out of sentiment and to use it as a prop in photos like the one above.  One of my first cameras was a box brownie, a gift from my photographer Father in about 1954 – it looked very similar to this one.

Still no stitching, though I have been fiddling with some textile type stuff….photos of it later …..maybe.

(Apologies – all of the photos in this post have ended up in the slide show – that was not meant to happen, but I can’t see a way to fix it.)

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